News (in reverse chronological order)

Researchers build trenches to curb nitrogen runoff, algae growth. Urbana, IL (July 2016)

Upstream trenches, downstream nitrogen. Science Codex (July 2016)

Reducing water pollution with microbes and wood chips. The Conversation (July 2016)

Odd Crop: Macon County's first bioreactor planted in Argenta. Herald & Review. Argenta, IL (June 2016)

Bioreactor on Goran Farm focus for U research. West Central Tribune. Wilbar, MN (June 2016)

Bioreactors, saturated bufferes reduce nitrate levels. KCCI Des Moines, IA news segment (June 2016)

Storm Lake's first bioreactor in place. Pilot Tribune, Storm Lake, IA (May 2016)

Illinois researchers say bioreactors ready for the big time. University of Illinois (April 2016)

U team improves bioreactors to clean up fertilizer runoff. Minnesota Daily. University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN (March 2016)

Bioreactors form a last line of defense against nitrate runoff. USDA Blog (Feb 2016)

St. Peter, MN receives grant to fund water quality projects in the Seven Mile Creek watershed (October 2015)

Bonita Springs, FL considers a woodchip denitrifying bioreactor on city-owned land in downtown Bonita (August 2015)

South Dakota State University denitrifying bioreactors show promise in removing nitrate from tile drained fields (July 2015)

Bioreactors and new farm practices used to improve water quality along Van Zante Creek watershed (June 2015)

Corn and Soybean Digest highlights water control structures and their role in denitrifying bioreactors in the tile-drained corn belt (June 2015)

Urbana, IL to construct wetland to ease nitrate runoff from farms (May 2015)

Michigan State University Extension highlights the denitrifying bioreactor phosphorus work at Cornell University (May 2015)

Demonstration denitrifying bioreactor installed by the Ottawa Soil and Water District in the Lake Erie Watershed (March 2015)

Purdue University Extention featured their denitrifying bioreactor at the Conservation Drainage Field Day (June 2014)

Iowa news highlights a family farm that installed a denitrifying bioreactor to improve water quality (Nov 2013)

Team News: The Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education (pdf) releases paper by our project team on Artificial N Sinks (August 2013).

July 2013: The Science Learning Hub and Louis Schipper team up on an interactive nitrogen cycling graphic.

A new Iowa woodchip bioreactor helps reduce nitrogen runoff into waterways from hog waste fertilizer in corn fields. -10/2013

A community and State and Federal agencies teamed together with the University of Minnesota to install nine woodchip bioreactors for the treatment of 13 tile outlets before it enters Fish Lake.- 6/2013

Virginia Tech implements denitrifying bioreactors to help farmers in Chesapeake Bay - 10/2012

New workshop materials: AWRA Agricultural & Water Quality II Workshop Presentation available - 10/2012

Bioreactor will be studied at Purdue farm- 10/2012

Bioreactors- a possible nitrate solution- 8/2012

Clean water in Bloomington, Illinois- 5/2012

Wetlands initiative tests the ability to clean up runoff water- 4/2012

Bioreactors take on 'The Dead Zone'-1/2012

Bioreactors alternative to wetlands - 1/2012

10 new bioreactors planned- 9/2011

Mother Nature's drain cleaners- Wetlands slash nutrient losses in farm drainage water- 2/2011

Bioreactors "clean" tile water - 8/2010

Using bioreactors to remove excess nitrogen from the environment - 11/2010

New way of removing excess nitrogen from the environment-11/2010

Bioreactor field day proves to be a learning day- 9/2010

Nashua research farm studying bioreactor - 7/2010

Bioreactors eligible for cost share - 12/2009

New York state landowner develops wetland to protect local stream, Chesapeake Bay- 12/2009